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‘What is Here?’ is a game about building a myth around a being through a community’s eyes. By using a deck of cards and answering questions in short role play scenes, this game gives you the opportunity to build an organic story through a community, and shape their history forever. 

A game inspired by Avery Alder's 'The Quiet Year' and Matthew Guzdial's 'Junkyard', written for Folklore Jam 2019.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
GenreCard Game, Role Playing
TagsFolklore, legends, Monsters, myths, role-play, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Blind friendly


Get this game and 7 more for $35.98 USD
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Hi! I would love a community copy of this but I don’t use twitter because evil corporate overlord gone obviously insane … . My email is Sharyna at gmail dot com … thank you!!

Any chance of more community copies? This looks really neat!

Any chance of getting the community copy pool refreshed?

Done :)

I feel bad to ask only a month after someone else, but this looks like a really cool project, and chance of more community copies?

Very fun game! I played it with 3 other people  for 3 rounds of 4 scenes. It took about 3 hours and we ended up creating a new religion for a small town! 

Aww, thank you! I'm so glad to hear you ended up with a new religion, that's often what happens to myths haha! Thanks so much for the comment!

Really nice and easy to get into! My partner and I have been wanting fun TTRPGs that take minimal setup/planning while still being satisfying to play, and this fit the bill nicely.

Thank you so much for this comment! I'm so glad you had fun, and I hope you've got a bespoke myth now!

Very fun to play!

Thank you so much! So, so glad you liked it!

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A storytelling game where you create your own folklore via prompts from a deck of playing cards. I love how, after a certain number of scenes, wild cards are used to spice things up and make the story more interesting.

Thank you so much!